Artworks contains the most powerful
glow-in-the-dark pigment on the planet.

All the artwork contains the most powerful light-emitting pigment on the planet.

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All the artwork sold contains the most powerful light-emitting pigment on the planet. Art Mitun paintings reflect UV light and glow in the dark.

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FeaturesGlowing ArtOther Artist
Art that Goes Viral
Lights Up in the Dark
No Shipping Fees
Box with Glowing Signature
FeaturesGlowing ArtOther Artists
Art That Goes Viral
Lights Up in the Dark
Box with Glowing Signature
No Shipping Fees
FeaturesGlowing ArtOther Artists
Art That Goes Viral
Lights Up in the Dark
2 in 1 Art
No Shipping Fees

World's Strongest Glow Pigment

Crafted to give the strongest glow, our paintings provide unbeatable light that lasts longer in your room

Non-Toxic & Safe

Our glow-in-the-dark paintings are crafted using high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for all environments.

Lasts Forever

This glowing paint shines bright for a lifetime.

20-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can return it within 20 days for a full refund. Shop with us risk-free and experience the magic of our glowing art.

World's Strongest Glow Pigment

Non-Toxic & Safe

Lasts Forever

20-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Stories

Don’t take our word for it. Trust our customers.



I love my new art piece! When it glows in the dark, it looks amazing and really stands out. The quality is great and the details are clear. It’s so cool to look at every night!



Ever since I got this painting, it's become the centerpiece of my room. The spinart captures a vibe that's hard to describe but easy to love. Thank you for speedy delivery!



I'm very pleased with my art. It glows in the dark and makes the picture look even better. Everyone who comes to my house loves it!

unnamed (2).png__PID:cbfba98a-1be7-4a07-8d07-08b3f896f268


Laughed hard when I saw the nighttime surprise in this BMW painting my friend gifted me. Love the painting and the uniqueness behind this art!



I'm really happy with my purchase! It looks bright and beautiful in the day, and at night it glows wonderfully. It makes the art look special and it’s very pretty to see.



Counting 7 custom paintings, and they always exceed my expectations, it’s a reflection of my confidence in their service. And the glow? It impresses me every single time.

unnamed (1).jpg__PID:30dbbace-ca33-4b2b-85f0-7bb305553c8c


Every evening, as the painting starts to glow, I'm reminded of Robertas's creativity. It's not just art, it's an experience! Pleasure to know him in person and he’s great to work with and super quick!



Masterpiece! Next level print.



This LeBron painting is more than just art, it's a daily dose of motivation. The quote, 'tired is only in your mind, keeps my passion alive. Can’t thank enough Robert for his stunning artwork!



Spin art painting is awesome! The colors swirl around on the canvas in such a cool way. I love how it brings so much life to my space!

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Create Your Own Custom Painting

Tailor your design to your tastes and illuminate your space with a personal touch. Here's how it works:

Your design, your rules: Memories, photos, patterns – imagine!

Select Your Size: We offer a variety of canvas sizes to fit any space.

Glowing Art: Our artist using Earth's strongest glow pigment.

Global Delivery: Glowing Art, Delivered Worldwide, Free.

Show off your creative side and light up your nights with a one-of-a-kind glow-in-the-dark artwork that's made by you.

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custom original painting showcasing glow in the dark night effect.
A glow in the dark painting showing man with sunglasses
custom original portrait day effect showcasing day effect.

Presidential Palace: A Month of Glowing Artistry Seen by the President

At the Presidential Palace for a whole month, we dedicated our time and skill to bring walls to life with captivating glow-in-the-dark endangered animals. The real highlight? The President himself got to witness our creative journey. Through our art, we're sending a powerful message about the importance and beauty of nature.

Brightening the North: A Lithuanian Artist in Norway

Hop in and come along for a cool adventure! This time, I went on a long trip from Lithuania all the way to Norway. That's a huge 2200 kilometers! Why the big move? To create a special glow-in-the-dark mural of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger on a blank gym wall. 

Old Wheels, Modern Feels: Creating Mega Glow Art with a 60's Relic.

Hey, art lovers! Get ready to see something truly exciting and glowingly unique. I’ve just created the world’s biggest glow-in-the-dark spin art painting—it's a massive 2x1.5 meters! And you won’t believe the glow on this thing—it's done with the world’s most potent glow-in-the-dark pigment and it literally outshines any night lamp!

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We long to return to normal, but normal led to this 😷"Frida 2021" by R. Mitunevicius

three men sitting on couches, behind them is a wall art



The new studio is done! Next week, new episode coming out at this iconic wall. 




"Kaws" by R. Mitunevicius
INDIVIDUAL ORDER acrylic paint on canvas 80×120 cm




Me him and 3 scenarios of my glowing painting 🤠

unnamed (5).jpg__PID:df40d623-2e72-4917-a116-cd26089702ba



Office days just got brighter with my custom painting made for a client.

Glowing Art?
What’s all this about?

This art is made with unique non-toxic glowing acrylic paint. I use the world’s best pigments to achieve the most impressive glow possible. The paint is waterproof.