The Author

As a kid, I painted anything I could find. My kindergarten teacher noticed my talent and encouraged my parents to support my passion.

In elementary school, I learned from a famous Lithuanian painter, Mr. Robert Bluj. Then, I studied graphic design for four years at Vilniaus Justino Vienožinskio Preparatory Art School.

After graduating, I focused on creating hyper-realistic portraits with graphite pencils. In 2019, I started studying monumental art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. During the pandemic, I rebranded my @art_mitun account as a "glowing art" concept, sharing my "glowing" ideas.



Imagine a place where every artwork tells a story, where every brushstroke has its own heartbeat. We pour our hearts into crafting art that's not only beautiful but also truly special. It took us almost 2 years to learn screen printing, to set up our workshop and work hard to bring you top-notch printed artworks. Through blood and sweat, we made it, and we're ready to deliver it.



Made in Italy
Composition: 65% polyester / 35% cotton.

Three glow in the dark jars with glowing pigments


Premium acrylic paints and strongest
glow-in-the-dark pigment.



We use screen printing technique!
Each piece is handcrafted.


We're changing how you see art. We make colorful, fun, and glowing 2-in-1 artworks that bring a touch of magic to your space. We are here to make a revolution in art words, we believe that we are the future and future is now!



Our art not only looks great at day but also lights up at night, nobody else offers you two artworks on single canvas.



Exploring new possibilities with glow-in-the-dark pigment, providing solution to improve customer satisfaction and break free from the old art limits.



We're all about making art exciting and enjoyable for the younger crowd. We believe art should be fun and inspiring, opening their eyes to a world of creativity and wonder.